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FineCrime Fraud Terrorism
“Financial Crimes” is a term used to describe a variety of criminal acts including money laundering; terrorism financing; bribery; corruption; sanctions violations; proliferation financing; cyber financial crime; various types of fraud (securities fraud, insider trading, market manipulation, bank fraud, insurance fraud, payments fraud, health care fraud, medical fraud, credit card fraud, cheque fraud, corporate fraud, and other types of frauds...
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Money Laundering Terrorism Financing
Money laundering and terrorism funding both have devastating effects. While acts of terrorism are more noticed because of their highly public nature, Money laundering is no less of a threat. In fact, concentrated efforts to combat money laundering were pursued long before terrorist activities grew to the point where Counter Terrorism Funding (CTF) was added to formal Anti–Money Laundering (AML)...
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Being Interim Manager
Businesses, facing an ever-increasing variety of complex problems, are in desperate need of good interim managers to help solve them. Such positions are highly rewarding, with the opportunity to explore new places, meet new people – and fill your plate with a steady diet of fascinating challenges. Perhaps you’ve considered entering this growing field and becoming one of these people...
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Interim Manager
Are you hiring and using interim managers wisely? Why is it that some companies attain exceptional results from interim manager hirings and some are disappointed? It has little to do with the quality of interim manager candidates. The only way they become candidates is by demonstrating exceptional skill in implementing the kinds of solutions that clients want. Why, then, do...
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Interim Management Career
The face of interim management is changing. Traditionally, an interim manager was someone at the end of his career who chose interim management to extend his working years. This is changing fast. An increasing number of managers – both men and women – have entered the market in recent years, intent on making a career of interim management. That’s no...
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What is interim management
When crisis strikes your business, what can you do? As you try to pick up the pieces, at some point your mind would likely turn to the fantasy of bringing in an accomplished executive with extensive experience in the exact type of crisis your business is experiencing, just long enough to get you through it. That’s no fantasy, though. Such...
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