Forensic investigations of cryptocurrency thefts

Since the launch of bitcoin in 2008, cryptocurrencies have increasingly been used for e-commerce and value appreciation.

The increased demand for cryptocurrencies among private users and a growing number of businesses, the rush of media coverage of projects that collect hundreds of millions of dollars  from  ICOs,  and their rapid increase in valuations afterwards, have inevitably attracted the attention of cybercriminals. Multiple attacks and cyber threats to ICO projects clearly indicate the need for forensic expertise in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Continuing numerous attacks on online wallets, ICO projects, mining sites and other crypto industry companies happen every day, aimed solely at stealing funds from online and offline wallets, leading to losses of tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars. These cases are investigated by our experts daily and immediately recorded in CRYPTOSEC’s  knowledge base for further processing and analysis of each incident.

We, at CRYPTOSEC, believe that our goal is to provide the maximum level of information security defense for all ICO and blockchain projects to prevent reputational, financial, and asset losses.

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