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About Cryptosec

Cryptosec is a leading cybersecurity firm specializing in the protection of the decentralized future of finance, governance, and more. We set the standards in enterprise-ready crypto, digital assets, blockchain, Web3, and CBDC security, compliance, and investigations. Our mission is to enable enterprise leaders to overcome cybersecurity, fraud, privacy, financial crime, infrastructure reliability, and regulatory risk to leverage enterprise blockchains/DLTs, crypto assets, DeFi, Web3, and related technologies.

Our Expertise

Our world-class expertise lies at the cross-sector of cybersecurity & privacy, financial crime risk management, monitoring, and investigations, regulatory compliance, and blockchain, distributed ledger, smart contracts, Web3, and related technologies. We perform cybersecurity, financial crime, and compliance assessments; crypto investigations; and deliver purpose-built security strategies, architecture, and advice so our enterprise clients can mitigate their multi-layered risks and demonstrate exemplary standards of trust & confidence with clients, stakeholders & regulators. To learn more about Cryptosec and our qualifications see Industry Qualifications as well as the qualifications of our specialist investigative business Crypto Investigators.

About Cryptosec
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Our Services

We offer a comprehensive set of crypto security, compliance, and investigation services. Our services include critical security audits, purpose-built security strategies, advice, architecture, and implementations. We also provide high-level blockchain forensics tools and the most advanced techniques available to conduct comprehensive crypto investigations, uncover cybercrimes, and recover stolen digital assets.

Our team works with enterprise decision-makers to achieve the highest standards of compliance for integrating blockchain networks, DLT, web3, cryptocurrencies, and related technologies with their existing legacy systems, practices, and regulatory requirements. To learn more about Cryptosec services see Crypto Security Services.

Why Choose Cryptosec?

Cryptosec brings together highly-experienced practitioners from both the crypto-native and institutional sides of the industry covering every aspect of operational and technology risk management. We provide only experienced senior-level practitioners and ex-industry executives to solve the challenges that face enterprise clients. We set the standards in Enterprise-Grade Crypto Security & Crypto Investigations, and we are adept at giving dispassionate and impartial advice to settle outcomes objectively. To learn more about Cryptosec see Why Choose Cryptosec.

CryptoSec sets the standards in Enterprise-Ready Crypto Security, Compliance, and Investigations in line with its mission to protect the future of finance and governance

Crypto Incident Response
Cryptosec covers the field to ensure enterprise leaders can safely access crypto and DeFi and interoperate with enterprise blockchains, other distributed ledger technologies (Hashgraph, IOTA, for instance), derivative technologies (Blockchain Lightning Network, DApps, Cross-Chains, Layer 0-3 Solutions, Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda, Smart Contracts, to name a few), with formal approvals, security clearances, and expert guidance.
With Cryptosec’s cybersecurity, financial crime and regulatory compliance offerings, enterprise leaders can securely develop and benefit from decentralized solutions and access crypto assets – through DeFi, AltFi, DeFi arbitrage and DeFi Products (Staking, Yield Farming, Trading, Liquidity Pools), Smart Contracts, Web3 and the Metaverse. Enterprises can also leverage Non-Financial DLTs and Chains for logistics, administration, tokenization and governance, whilst positively satisfying their complex compliance, approval and regulatory requirements, with world-class cybersecurity and financial crime standards and protections.
Our team of accredited cybersecurity, privacy, financial crime, and compliance experts claim deep and rich experienced leading crypto, DeFi, and blockchain relevant engagements; smart contract audits; crypto investigations; as well as acting as Interim Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), Crypto Compliance Officers, Chief Anti-Money Laundering Officers (CAMLO), Trusted Advisors and Investigators for FinTechs, DeFi DAOs, AltFi DAOs, ICOs, Blockchain Organizations, Crypto Custodian Service Providers, Crypto Hedge Funds, and Private Crypto Investors throughout each stage of the crypto security & investigations lifecycle.

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