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No Bullshit Manifesto

Rule #1

No Bullshit

Actually, No Bullshit may be our only rule. Once we get rid of bullshit – all the inflated promises, empty jargon and meaningless clutter that undercut so many consulting relationships – we make room for the important stuff: Honesty. Trust. Results.


Cybersecurity and compliance are too critical to let bullshit get in the way; that’s why we have such a low tolerance for it. We think you should be intolerant too.

No Bullshit

What is business bullshit?

The world around us is awash with bullshit, and nowhere is that truer than in business, especially consulting. You find bullshit in:

  • False promises and empty claims that have no relationship to reality
  • Useless jargon, acronyms, and technical-sounding language designed to confuse clients and make people sound smarter than they really are
  • Fanciful excuses and elaborate explanations designed to avoid blame and shift accountability to someone else (anyone else, really)
  • Misleading communication that ignores or sidesteps critical issues and questions
  • False transparency that gives the appearance of being open and transparent without actually providing meaningful insight into decisions or processes
  • Excessive meetings that don’t have clear objectives or outcomes, wasting everyone’s time
  • Deliberately vague statements and commitments that are impossible to measure
  • Bureaucratic red tape of unnecessary rules, procedures, or approval processes that slow down decision-making and execution
  • Greenwashing, purpose-washing, and any other type of corporate laundry that distorts the truth for commercial gain
Bullshit erodes trust

Why does this matter?

It’s easy to write off organisational bullshit as a frustrating but unavoidable part of doing business, but it is so much more damaging than that.

We refuse to accept bullshit because it:

  1. Erodes trust
  2. Cripples productivity
  3. Breeds toxic culture
  4. Reduces quality
  5. Limits impact

In the end, bullshit threatens our ability to do a good job and deliver results.

It’s a simple moral equation: we’re here to produce or save as much value as possible and leave the world more secure than we found it. Bullshit makes that more difficult, so it can’t be tolerated. The end.


  1. We don’t replace truth with excuses and lies. We tell it like it is, even if it’s hard to accept sometimes.
  2. If we screw up, we acknowledge our mistakes, make good, and learn our lessons for next time.
  3. No buzzwords, no hype, no jargon – just straight talk.
  4. We deliver what we promised.
  5. We finish what we started.
  6. We treat you with the respect you deserve and we assume you’ll do the same.
  7. We don’t exaggerate our skills, our track record, or the value we can deliver.
  8. We don’t hire big egos and narcissists – nobody is bigger than the team.
  9. We offer opinions when we are qualified to do so; otherwise, we shut up and listen.
  10. If we can’t add value or make a difference, we don’t take the job.

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