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Virtual, Fractional, Interim Crypto CISO – Chief Information Security Officer

Bridging the Gap in Your Crypto Security Leadership with Cryptosec

Virtual, Fractional, Interim Crypto CISO - Chief Information Security Officer

In the fast-paced world of blockchain and crypto, maintaining a robust security posture is paramount. However, there can be times when your organization is without a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) due to transitions, leaves, or the search for the right permanent hire. During these periods, Cryptosec is here to fill the gap with our expert Interim Crypto CISO Services.

An interim Crypto CISO brings specialized knowledge and experience, providing immediate expertise without the long-term commitment of a full-time hire. This can be invaluable for gap filling during transitions, navigating complex compliance requirements, or overseeing project-specific needs such as launching a new crypto product. The ability to conduct thorough risk assessments and develop targeted mitigation strategies adds another layer of value, especially in the rapidly changing regulatory environment surrounding cryptocurrencies.

For organizations undergoing significant changes, such as mergers, acquisitions, or shifts in business strategy, an interim Crypto CISO can provide stability and leadership. This role can also play a vital part in building internal capabilities by training and upskilling the existing team, laying the groundwork for long-term crypto security competence. Smaller organizations or those with limited crypto-related operations may find an interim Crypto CISO to be a cost-effective solution, offering expertise as needed without the financial burden of a permanent position.

Interim Crypto Executives

Cryptosec interim CISO services provide augmented cyber expertise to help you rapidly reduce your cyber risk exposure, bridge a temporary management gap, and/or signal cybersecurity commitment to the market and relevant regulators.

Our highly-experienced and credentialed CISOs are adept at rapidly getting up to speed, taking both a high-level view and a hands-on tactical approach, and defining and/or driving your cybersecurity program. More than being just consultants, our executives can advise you, help you define what changes you want to achieve and why, and then roll up the sleeves and help you deliver the business outcomes.

For more on our Interim Management delivery model see: Cryptosec Fractional & Interim Crypto Executives

Why Interim Crypto CISO?

Whether you require a tactical CISO to drive rapid reduction in cyber risk exposure, or a more strategic one to manage cyber risk relationships with your board of directors and relevant regulators, we got you covered.

Experienced Leadership

Our interim crypto CISOs have 15 to 35 years of relevant experience. They each held global roles in TradFi Global 2000 organizations.

They also have hands-on experience leading cybersecurity in organizations such as yours – those in the DeFi, fintech, crypto, blockchain space.

They are selected based on their ability to relate to your specific needs, while having the level of credibility and seniority expected by your shareholders, partners, and regulators.


See our Industry Qualifications page for a select of list of industry qualifications and certifications held by our interim executives.


More than ever, the industry has to pay close attention to their risk management and compliance functions – and to the people in decision-making positions. Our interim executives are all highly qualified; with experience gained as global executives in major corporations and/or partners in Big 4; and have an unblemished reputation. They are able to add substantial credibility and trust to your organization.

Continuity of Operations

During periods of transition, it’s crucial that your security operations continue without interruption. Our interim crypto CISOs ensure continuity, maintaining the day-to-day operations, managing your security team, and ensuring ongoing compliance with security policies and regulations.

Strategic Guidance

In addition to managing daily operations, our interim crypto CISOs can provide strategic guidance. They can assess your current security posture, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategic plans to enhance your security measures.

Smooth Transitions

When it’s time to transition to a new permanent CISO, we ensure a smooth handover. Our interim crypto CISOs will provide comprehensive briefings to the incoming executive, ensuring they have all the information they need to take over effectively.

Objective Insights and Fresh Perspectives

Sometimes, an external perspective can provide valuable insights that internal teams may overlook due to their close proximity to the operations. Our interim crypto CISOs, with their broad experience across various organizations and sectors, can bring fresh perspectives to your security strategy. They can objectively assess your operations, identify hidden vulnerabilities, and suggest innovative solutions, thereby enhancing your overall security framework.

Backed by Collective Expertise

Our interim CISOs are not standalone figures; they come with the collective backing of Cryptosec and Crypto Investigators. This means that while they bring their individual expertise to your organization, they also have access to a broader team of specialists in crypto security, blockchain forensics, and legal investigations. This collaborative approach ensures that your organization benefits from a wide range of expertise and experience, providing a comprehensive security solution that goes beyond the capabilities of a single individual.

Interim Crypto CISO

Engage an Experienced Crypto CISO Now

Don’t let a gap in your security leadership put your crypto assets and operations at risk. With Cryptosec Interim Crypto CISO Services, you can ensure continuity, maintain your security posture, and keep your organization secure during transitional periods.