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We Set the Crypto Security Standards

We Set the Crypto Security Standards

Pioneering Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Security Since 2013

In the dynamic world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, security is paramount. At Cryptosec, we don’t just follow the crypto security standards – we set them. With our team members professionally dealing with crypto security and financial crime since 2013, we’ve been at the forefront of the industry, shaping its evolution through our efforts in business, regulatory bodies, and law enforcement.

Our team’s deep understanding of the unique security challenges posed by blockchain and cryptocurrency has allowed us to develop innovative solutions that have set the standard for the industry. We’ve all individually worked tirelessly to raise the bar for crypto security, developing best practices and protocols that are now widely adopted across the sector.

In the commercial sector, our security solutions have helped businesses navigate the complex world of blockchain and cryptocurrency with confidence. We’ve provided robust security frameworks that protect digital assets, ensure transaction integrity, and foster trust among users. Our efforts have not only safeguarded businesses but also contributed to the growth and maturation of the industry as a whole.

Our influence extends beyond commerce. We’ve worked closely with regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies, providing expert insights and guidance on the complexities of crypto security and financial crime. Our team at Crypto Investigators worked on some of the most impactful crypto-related cases. Our contributions have helped shape regulatory standards and law enforcement approaches, ensuring they keep pace with the rapid evolution of blockchain technology.

At Cryptosec, we’re proud of our role in setting crypto security standards. As we look to the future, we remain committed to leading the way in crypto security, ensuring that as blockchain, DLT, DeFI, Web3, CBDC, cryptocurrencies, and other decentralization technologies evolve, they do so with security at their core.

CryptoSec Enterprise-Level Security Clearances
Crypto Security Standards

We Set the Crypto Security Standards

Cryptosec gives enterprise leaders concrete and sound crypto security standards, guidance, and governance protocols, in response to the regulatory uncertainty and infrastructural inadequacies that exist in blockchain, crypto and DeFi today.

  • Cryptosecurity Standards and Guidance Made for Enterprise
  • Unique Approach to Reporting Specific to Enterprise Standards
  • Administered by Accredited Crypto Security & Crypto Investigations Practitioners
  • Pioneers in Crypto Security & Crypto Investigations Since 2013
  • Global Reach & Unobstructed Reach Online Covering Every Crevice of the New Digital Terrain

Cryptosec is uniquely positioned to set the global standards in Enterprise-Grade Crypto Security & Crypto Investigations, having paved the way with world-first experience and thought leadership in this field since 2013.

Enterprise decision-makers seek our formal approvals, and expert guidance on best practices, before taking action in the face of regulatory and technological unknowns and shortcomings. In doing so, we enable enterprises to satisfy their many compliance and governance requirements, in order to access blockchain, DeFi and crypto technologies.

Cryptosec’s goals in setting the global standards for crypto security & crypto investigations are to:

  • Give enterprise leaders clear directions to make the best security decisions in practice
  • Encourage the adoption of sound practices by market leaders as the crypto ecosystem matures
  • Compensate for the lack of established, universal laws, standards and regulations
  • Ultimately fulfill its mission to protect the future of finance and governance.
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