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Blockchain, Crypto, DeFi, Web3 Threat Intelligence

Blockchain, Crypto, DeFi, Web3 Threat Intelligence

Preemptive crypto and blockchain threat intelligence reports and action plans to help you stay ahead of the threat landscape

CryptoSec threat intelligence services deliver knowledge, information and data about cybersecurity threats to your crypto, blockchain, DeFi, web3 venture.

More than just threat indicators or data points without context, we enrich the collected information with CryptoSec expertise providing you actionable information that can guide your security strategy or alert alert you to immediate, ongoing and emerging threats.


CryptoSec aggregates a wide range of threat intelligence data sources to help you identify and stop attacks.

  • In-house research on all the latest crypto, DeFi, web3, blockchain hacks in order to identify new vulnerabilities that have been exploited or new types of attacks
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Security forums that tap into the expertise of large communities of cybersecurity analysts
  • Social media monitoring and analysis
  • Security events
  • Many others
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