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Managed Crypto Financial Crime Services

Tailormade crypto and DeFi financial crime governance, risk and compliance managed services

Managed Crypto Financial Crime Services

For organizations operating within the complex and rapidly evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies and digital finance, financial crimes pose a significant risk. From money laundering to fraud, these illicit activities can have severe consequences, including financial loss, reputational damage, and regulatory penalties.

Organizations venturing into the crypto space are confronted with unique challenges that traditional financial crime prevention measures may not adequately address. Adequately managing related risks requires a rare blend of expertise that combines both financial crime knowledge and crypto-specific insights.

Managed crypto financial crime services offer scalability, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness. They allow organizations to tap into cutting-edge technology and specialized knowledge without the need to invest heavily in in-house capabilities. This not only saves time and resources but also ensures that the approach to financial crime prevention is agile, up-to-date, and aligned with the rapidly evolving crypto environment. Continuous monitoring, real-time alerts, and collaboration with regulatory bodies further enhance the robustness of these services.

Managed Crypto Financial Crime Services

Crypto-focused managed financial crime services offer a multifaceted approach to detecting, preventing, and combating financial crimes such as fraud, money laundering, and illicit transactions within the crypto space.

We offer a comprehensive suite of managed crypto financial crime services designed to help you identify, prevent, and respond to financial crime in your crypto operations. By leveraging the specialized skills of experts who understand the intricacies of blockchain technology, cryptographic security, regulatory compliance, and financial crime detection, we can help you navigate the crypto landscape with confidence and integrity.


Managed Crypto Financial Crime Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of Managed Crypto Financial Crime services, each designed to address a specific aspect of financial crime prevention and compliance. From risk assessments to ongoing monitoring, our Managed Crypto Financial Crime services provide a holistic approach to financial crime management, helping you safeguard your operations, maintain regulatory compliance, and uphold the trust of your customers and stakeholders.

Know Your Customer (KYC) processes: onboarding, regular reviews, event driven reviews

Execution of business-as-usual customer due diligence at the point of on-boarding as well as the ongoing review of case files. We offer a fully technology-enabled service to minimize customer impact and ensure manual case handling only where human judgment and analysis are required.

For in-depth due diligence investigations we also engage our specialist investigations and due diligence firm Crypto Investigators

Transaction Monitoring alert investigation

Review and analysis of customer transactions to identify unusual or suspicious behaviour, including that which is inconsistent with what you know about your customers and the business relationship.

Screening as a Service (negative news, PEP, sanctions)

Whether as part of the KYC lifecycle or on a standalone basis, review and analysis of your customers to identify PEPs and confirm any exposure to sanctions and adverse media.

Quality Check (QC) & Quality Assurance (QA) as a Service

QC and QA services provided as part of the CDD process to test and improve business-as-usual functions, controls and processes or to fulfill time-sensitive regulatory commitments.


Technology-led retrospective completion, refresh and uplift of customer due diligence (CDD) files to meet your standards, risk appetite and regulatory requirements.

Regulatory Reporting and Monitoring as a Service

Regulators and supervisory authorities continue to evolve the regulatory reporting landscape for crypto and DeFi business. Through our Managed Crypto Financial Crime services we support you through the complex maze of global regulatory reporting requirements enhancing regulatory reporting control and quality assurance. We can assist you through the complete reporting process, from mapping and validation of your data to calculations and report production.

Managed Crypto Financial Crime

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