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Smart Contract Audits

Smart Contract Audits

In-depth, manual, expert smart contract audits to help you ensure the security, reliability, and accuracy of your blockchain applications

Smart Contract Audit is a comprehensive process to scrutinize a smart contract’s code that is used to interact with a cryptocurrency or blockchain. This process is carried out to discover errors, issues & security vulnerabilities in the code in order to rectify & fix them. It secures the code from potential future bugs.

CryptoSec is an industry leading Smart Contract Audit firm which has extensive experience working with a multitude of blockchain projects across all different networks like BSC, Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, AVAX, and many others. We audit smart contracts in all languages, on all blockchains.

We thoroughly analyze your blockchain code end-to-end by running multiple tests to identify vulnerabilities, and help you improve the security and integrity of your project and make sure your code works as intended, confirm the correctness of your contracts. We also use advanced mathematical approaches such as formal verification to analyze the logical soundness of contracts.

We correct application design issues, find errors and identify vulnerabilities by performing both a manual inspection and a suite of automated tests to ensure your code is mainnet-ready.

Our Approach

  • Automated Vulnerability Test (Mythril, Slither, Oyente, Solhint, HoneyBadger, Others)
  • Manual Security Test (Line by line, SWC-Registry, Overflow, CVE)
  • Optimization & Code Convention Check
  • Verify Claims (Your general functions and business logic gets double checked)
  • Full Report & Recommendations
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