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Interim or Fractional Crypto, Blockchain & DeFi Chief Anti-Money Laundering Officer (CAMLO)

Interim, Fractional, Virtual Crypto, Blockchain, DeFi, Web3 Chief Anti-Money Laundering Officer (CAMLO)

Our interim Chief Anti-Money Laundering Officers (CAMLO) are appropriately qualified for multiple jurisdictions. They are used to coming onboard a crypto / DeFi / web3 organization and very quickly taking responsibility for the regulatory compliance component (for all jurisdictions); AML/CTF program implementation in all relevant business areas of operation; and the broader prudential risk management component of the AML/ATF program.

They are particularly adept at dealing with developing and rapidly changing regulations in the crypto space.

Contact us to help you become and stay compliant with relevant regulatory mandates.

Why CryptoSec Interim CAMLO?

Beyond being highly qualified and certified, our interim Chief Anti-Money Laundering Officers (CAMLO) have all had hands-on experience with crypto, blockchain, DeFi solutions and are experienced with specific AML/CTF challenges found in decentralized solutions and organizations.


Our interim Chief Anti-Money Laundering Officers (CAMLO) each have over 15 years of relevant experience in TradFi and/or Big4 organizations combined with minimum 5 years of experience in crypto/DeFi/web3 organizations.


Our experienced interim Chief Anti-Money Laundering Officers (CAMLO) are certified as Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialists (CAMS) and have other certifications required and recognized by relevant authorities. See our Industry Qualifications page for a select of list of industry qualifications and certifications held by our interim executives.


More than ever, the industry has to pay close attention to their risk management and compliance functions – and to the people in decision-making positions. Our interim executives are all highly qualified; with experience gained as global executives in major corporations and/or partners in Big 4; and have an unblemished reputation. They are able to add substantial credibility and trust to your organization.

CryptoSec is a regulatory consulting and interim management firm and does not provide legal advice, opinion, or services. Our services cannot and should not be relied upon as legal advice or opinion. We recommend you consult a lawyer if you want legal advice, opinion, or services.

Interim CAMLO

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