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Interim & Fractional Crypto, DeFi, Blockchain, Web3 Risk and Compliance Executives

Interim, Fractional, or Virtual Crypto, DeFi, Blockchain, Web3 Risk and Compliance Executives

Interim Management is the rapid delivery of experienced ‘hands on’ executives for a defined period of time to deliver outcomes, implement change, fill unexpected gaps, restructure the organization, turn around under-performing projects or divisions or deliver a critical project.

CryptoSec maintains its standing as having the highest-calibre team of crypto-focused risk management experts on the planet to guide enterprise clients on crypto security, crypto compliance, crypto assets recovery, financial crime compliance, incident response and investigations.

We help you solve critical business challenges with seasoned cybersecurity, financial crimes and regulatory compliance executives. When you have a critical, time-sensitive business challenge and lack the appropriate internal resources, our experienced interim managers can be your solution. We deploy senior interim executives globally and on a short notice. Executives that advise you, help you define what changes you want to achieve and why, and then roll up the sleeves and help you deliver the changes.

CryptoSec’s interim executives have over 15 years of relevant experience and boasts industry-leading experience and can take on a virtual, fractional, or interim roles as members of our clients executive teams.

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Interim Crypto CISO

We provide interim senior executives and experienced functional managers to solve crypto, blockchain, DeFi, web3 risk management challenges or assist with market opportunities. You should consider CryptoSec Interim Managers for:

Time sensitive requirements

When rapid results are required and the delay of full time search would cause severe consequences.


Significant transition and transformation outcomes have to be achieved before a permanent solution is implemented.

Particular expertise

Temporary requirement for particular senior expertise with relevant experience. Not just to act as an adviser, but also to roll up their sleeves and manage the delivery of business outcomes.

Unclear job specifications

Before the job specification is clearly defined and an immediate senior executive is required to hold the fort.


There is a need for a honest, objective feedback and advice free from politics and and self-interest.

Sudden resignation

When a sudden resignation has left a crucial gap and a senior executive is required until the permanent search is concluded.

Services provided by our interim or fractional crypto risk and/or compliance executives:

Interim Management

We help you solve critical business challenges with seasoned executives. When you have a critical, time-sensitive business challenge and lack the appropriate internal resources, our experienced interim executives can be your solution. We match your needs with hands-on, proven interim executives available when you need them.

Part-Time Executives

Avoid under-hiring or over-paying executives. Let us connect you with a senior executive for the amount of time you need them. Right talent for the right number of days to deliver agreed business outcomes gives you the best bang for the buck.

Project Delivery

If you have a critical project that requires particular experience and expertise and the right talent is not available internally, we will provide the executive who has been there and done that.

Change Delivery

We bring the experience and expertise required to successfully deliver major change management programmes. From major cybersecurity transformation to end-to-end management of starting a new crypto related business in a new jurisdiction – our executives have done it.

Interim Crypto Risk or Compliance Executive

Interim & Fractional Executives


Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Experienced CISOs are available for temporary or fractional engagements to help you navigate major challenges or sudden resourcing gaps.

Crypto Compliance Officer

Compliance Officers, each with over 15 years of Financial Services experience and extensive crypto experience, are available to support you with any regulatory challenges.

Chief Anti-Money Laundering Officer (CAMLO)

If you have a temporary or a fractional need for a Chief Anti-Money Laundering Officer (CAMLO) with experience in both TradFi as well as DeFi and Crypto, contact us.

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Highly qualified and certified Data Protection Officers (DPO) with specific experience in crypto, blockchain, DeFi, web3 ventures are available to help you.

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