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In-house Training for Enterprise Teams, Researchers, Regulators & Auditors

We provide in-house training with hands-on instructions in crypto security management, processes, best practices, with practical tips & tricks, to get your team quickly up to speed on the critical details and security concerns and safeguards in the use of crypto, blockchains and distributed ledger technologies.

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Crypto Training

Introductory Training

CryptoSec delivers in-house training, with practical guidance, for enterprise teams, researchers, regulators & auditors, on the basics of crypto security and investigations (the key concepts, technology and terminology), security challenges, best practices, tips & tricks and more, to get your team rapidly up to speed on the critical details of blockchain technologies and their derivatives for your enterprise.

  • The Basics (Key Concepts, Technology & Terminology – Blockchain, DLT, Crypto, NFTs, DAOs, etc)
  • The Not So Basics – Everything Else You Need to Know About Crypto (Consensus, Protocols, Hashing, Cross-Chain etc)
  • The Old vs the New – Comparing & Integrating Old Enterprise Systems with New Blockchain Networks and Technologies
  • Yellow and Red Flags in Crypto & Blockchain Usage – eg., Public Network Design Challenges e.g. Internal Challenges Monopoly of Miners, Double Spending & More
  • Our Crypto Security & Investigations Life Cycle, with the Various Risks, Threats & Responses to Consider at Each Stage of the Life Cycle
  • Crypto Security Design Principles in the Development of New Blockchain Projects
  • Pro Crypto Security & Investigations Practice Tips & Tricks
  • Mandatory Security Checks the Team Should Be Doing

Advanced Training

CryptoSec delivers advanced crypto security and investigations training for IT professionals, regulators and blockchain auditors – with a good working knowledge of computer systems, and some working knowledge of crypto and blockchain technologies already – to dive deeper into crypto security and investigations issues they will encounter in their enterprise interoperable systems, and the best practices, tips & tricks to manage them in practice.

Blockchain Security Training
Cybersecurity Training

Tailored Training

For enterprise clients who engage CryptoSec to implement interoperable enterprise blockchains, related technologies, and crypto security practices, we may recommend that tailored training be delivered to your enterprise teams to ensure your teams are adequately trained to understand and uphold your designated security solutions in practice.

Our Principles

  • Focus on business results and ROI of the training.
  • Target only real, existing needs.
  • Treat the training as a project by itself. Something that has a measurable result.
  • Consider job roles and functions of training attendees.
  • For optimum learning, the student must be actively involved in the learning. Our seminars are team-based, interactive, and emphasize practical skill development and comprehension.
  • Learning is best when it can be related to the participants frame of reference.
  • All our courses include full pre-course and post-course online consultation.
Blockchain Security Training
Crypto Security Training

Our Qualifications

  • All trainers have practical hands-on experience with the subject matter.
  • Our trainers hold relevant industry certifications.
  • Our experts are selected on a basis of their ability to relate to your environment and to transfer complex information in efficient and meaningful ways.

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