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Empowering the Decentralized Future

Setting the Standards in Enterprise-Ready Crypto, Digital Assets, Blockchain, Web3, CBDC Security, Compliance and Investigations

Our mission is to facilitate the safe, secure, and compliant institutional adoption of blockchain, crypto, DeFi, Web3, decentralized AI, and other decentralization technologies. We combine lessons from traditional finance and traditional risk management with our deep expertise in emerging technologies to provide robust crypto security, cybersecurity, risk management, compliance, and investigation services enabling institutions to confidently navigate and integrate these innovative technologies into their operations.

CryptoSec Intersection

Specialist Expertise

World-class expertise at the cross-sector of:

  • Cybersecurity & Privacy
  • Financial Crime Risk Management, Monitoring, and Investigations
  • Regulatory Compliance; and
  • Blockchain, Distributed Ledger, Smart Contracts, Web3 and related technologies

Where trust is at a premium

We perform cybersecurity, financial crime and compliance assessments; crypto investigations; and deliver purpose-built security strategies, architecture and advice so our enterprise clients can mitigate their multi-layered risks and demonstrate exemplary standards of trust & confidence with clients, stakeholders & regulators.

Our Services

Risk Management, Crypto Security, and Crypto Compliance Solutions for the New Economy and Society

Our specialized service – Crypto Investigators – utilizes high-level blockchain forensics tools and the most advanced techniques available to conduct comprehensive crypto investigations, uncover cybercrimes, and recover stolen digital assets.

Crypto Cybercrime Incident Response | Crypto Tracing & InvestigationsBlockchain ForensicsDigital Assets RecoveryCrypto Expert WitnessCompliance Blockchain Analytics | OSINT | Legal Investigations

We work with enterprise decision-makers to achieve highest standards of compliance for integrating blockchain networks, DLT, cryptocurrencies, and related technologies with their existing legacy systems, practices and regulatory requirements.

Crypto Regulatory ComplianceFinancial Crime Risk ManagementKnow Your Customer (KYC)Crypto Transaction Monitoring | Crypto Transaction Lookbacks | Fraud PreventionManaged Crypto Financial Crime ServicesFinancial Crime Audits

Cryptosec’s interim executives have over 15 years of relevant experience and boasts industry-leading experience. Beyond managing projects for our clients, they often take on a virtual, fractional, or interim roles as members of our clients executive teams.

They take on roles as interim or fractional Crypto Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) | Crypto Compliance Officer (CCO) | Chief Crypto Anti-Money Laundering Officer (CAMLO) | Crypto Data Protection Officer (DPO).

We offer comprehensive Crypto Due Diligence services designed to provide investors, regulators, and other stakeholders with the insights they need make informed decisions and mitigate risks. Our team of experts assess the security, compliance, and financial health of organizations and individuals – from evaluating the robustness of a company’s cybersecurity measures to assessing its compliance with relevant regulations.

Crypto Due Diligence | Proof of Solvency Audits

Innovative & Bespoke Risk Transfer Advisory for Crypto & Blockchain Companies.

Cryptosec’s Crypto Asset Risk Transfer service offers innovative risk transfer advice tailored to the needs of companies operating with crypto assets. Our team is comprised of actuaries, former attorneys and claims specialists with deep knowledge of all forms of relevant financial and professional insurance coverage options.

Cryptosec delivers beginner, advanced and tailored, public and in-house training for Enterprise Teams, Investigators, Compliance Officers, Researchers, Regulators & Auditors, on all aspects of crypto security, crypto compliance, and crypto tracing and investigations. 

Crypto Security Training | Crypto Investigation Training | Crypto Compliance Training

About CryptoSec
Protecting the Decentralized Future

Why Choose Cryptosec?

Combined Experience

Cryptosec brings together highly-experienced practitioners from both the crypto-native and institutional sides of the industry covering every aspect of operational and technology risk management.

Senior Level Experience

Cryptosec provides only experienced senior-level practitioners and ex-industry executives to solve the challenges that face enterprise clients.

Exemplary Compliance & Governance

Compliance and governance must be achieved to a certain standard before solutions can be implemented. Cryptosec sets the standards in Enterprise-Grade Crypto Security & Crypto Investigations.

New Technology Security

Traditional cybersecurity no longer offers the same level of protection to enterprises in crypto and DeFi practice. Responsible enterprises know the value of enlisting Cryptosec’s security expertise to outthink and stay ahead of the advancements in technology, not fall behind them. 

Particular Expertise

On-demand requirement for senior technical expertise with relevant market experience. Not just to act as an adviser, but also to roll up their sleeves and manage the delivery of business outcomes.

Time Sensitive Requirements

When time is of the essence and delays would cause severe consequences, Cryptosec can react rapidly to recover and prevent major critical losses.


Where there is a need for honest, objective feedback and advice free from politics and self-interest, Cryptosec is adept to give dispassionate and impartial advice to settle outcomes objectively.

Crypto Assets Recovery

The Boundaries are Unclear, Great Enterprises are Not

Blockchain and related technologies have already begun to revolutionize the ways in which users can organize data, value (ownership) and processes. But the corresponding regulatory and technological boundaries remain largely unsettled. Even the practical difference between centralized and decentralized finance beg to be universally defined. The reality is that it may take another decade to set clear boundaries for the playing field to a level befitting enterprise standards. Meanwhile, enterprise decision-makers face tremendous pressures to take advantage of – what is now widely accepted as – the unstoppable, inevitable changes sweeping across industries – with enterprise blockchains and related technologies; or else pay the very real opportunity costs of falling behind their blockchain-adopting competitors. The bottom line is that the technology and regulations could persist without clear direction for some time, but great enterprises cannot.

We empower enterprise leaders with clear direction – backed by world-leading expertise – to take decisive action and lead in blockchain, crypto, DeFi, web3 and related technology initiatives.

Protecting the Future of Finance and Governance

How Does “Crypto Security” Differ From “Cybersecurity”?


Cybersecurity refers to the classical practices formulated from the 1970s onward to protect computer systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks – such as malware, viruses, phishing, backdoor, and other attacks. These approaches and technologies were formulated before the diffusion of new, cryptography-based emerging technologies (blockchain, cryptocurrencies and more) and solutions.

Crypto Security is a term that the industry has reclaimed (beyond its archaic uses in early military and communications technology vernacular) to describe the cybersecurity practices that extend into cryptography-based decentralization technologies such as distributed ledger technologies, blockchain, cross-chains networks, and their uses for DeFi, smart contracts, crypto assets and web3 – technologies that attract crypto-specific risks that cannot be mitigated by “traditional” cybersecurity controls alone.

Crypto Incident Response

The Crypto Security & Investigations Life Cycle

Cryptosec takes a holistic approach to crypto security & investigations, to anticipate, pinpoint & deliver targeted solutions for the critical crypto security & investigation needs of enterprise clients – pegged to their position within the crypto security & investigations life cycle – backed by tailored solutions to achieve comprehensive, end-to-end enterprise-grade crypto security coverage.

Onboarding Crypto Security

We guide enterprise clients to apprise & safely leverage distributed ledger technologies, cryptocurrencies, and other decentralization technologies in line with best  practices, to grant clients the Enterprise-Level Security Clearances they need to commence operations with formal approvals.


Custodial Crypto Security

We enable enterprise clients to securely hold crypto assets with key management, digital asset management, wallet hosting, node security, and other solutions to gain Enterprise-Grade Custodial Crypto Security. We also work with clients who hold and manage data on public blockchains to satisfy their data stewardship responsibilities.


Interim & Ongoing Crypto Security

We guide enterprise clients who use blockchains, distributed ledger technologies, other layer 0-3 solutions, DeFi, crypto assets, smart contracts, with ongoing Enterprise-Level Crypto Security Services including advice, I&O cybersecurity architecture, monitoring including cross-chain interoperability monitoring, I&O periodic reporting, network intrusion prevention, physical security, vulnerability management, business continuity, disaster recovery, and other services to ensure clients’ crypto security coverage remains active, impenetrable and without compromise.


Crypto Investigations & Recoveries

We help enterprise clients with critical responses to crypto thefts, chain/ledger/network hacking, security breaches, smart contract exploits, and others to detect & avoid Financial Crime/Regulatory Offences, with Enforcement-Level Crypto Recovery & Crypto Investigation Services including digital asset recovery, incident response planning and management, digital forensics, blockchain analysis, crypto tracing, and others. We work with clients’ investigators, but can also provide our own independent, investigative expert assistance with our team of crypto-native, financial Crime investigators, forensics experts, and auditors.


Let us help you realize and protect the benefits of the new economy