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Crypto, Blockchain, DeFi, Web3 Cybersecurity & Privacy Services

Crypto, Blockchain, DeFi, Web3 Cybersecurity & Privacy Services

We help web3, crypto, blockchain, DLT, DeFi, metaverse projects build secure and privacy-compliant solutions and improve their security operations

More than a blockchain specialist security company, CryptoSec is an enterprise cybersecurity and privacy company that specializes in decentralization technologies.

Our founders each had over 20 years of experience in enterprise cybersecurity as regional and global executives and subject matter experts in large IT organizations such as IBM or Accenture; partners in Big4; or CISOs in Fortune Global 2000 organizations prior to focusing on blockchain and crypto solutions since 2014.

By combining “traditional” cybersecurity, privacy and regulatory compliance skills with almost a decade of focused blockchain and crypto cybersecurity experience our team is perfectly positioned to support institutional adoption of decentralization technologies.

We can help you secure your solutions and your organization end-to-end. From leading board-level enterprise cybersecurity awareness sessions; providing a level of comfort to your investors, insurers, and regulators; to hands-on development of innovative cryptographic protocols with proven security characteristics, in-depth smart contract audits, or development and integration of security monitoring agents.

Crypto Cybercrime Incident Response

Cybersecurity & Privacy Services


Blockchain, Crypto, DeFi, Web3 Cybersecurity

CryptoSec reviews the security of the design and implementation of new decentralized systems to identify possible attacks, analyze their impact, suggest remediations, propose design improvements, and support implementation and operation of related controls.

Blockchain, Crypto, DeFi, Web3 Security Monitoring

Real-time comprehensive threat detection for smart contracts, DeFi, blockchain, web3 solutions. Detect threats and anomalies on crypto solutions, blockchain, smart contracts, web3, DeFi, NFT, governance, bridges and other Web3 systems.

Blockchain, Crypto, DeFi, Web3 Threat Intelligence

Preemptive crypto and blockchain threat intelligence reports and action plans to help you stay ahead of the threat landscape. CryptoSec threat intelligence services deliver knowledge, information and data about cybersecurity threats to your crypto, blockchain, DeFi, web3 solutions. 

Smart Contract Audits

CryptoSec applies multiple automated and manual tests to thoroughly analyze your smart contracts code and secure your smart contracts and decentralized applications. We correct application design issues, find errors and identify vulnerabilities to ensure your code is mainnet-ready.

Crypto Currency Security Standard Audits

CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS) is a set of requirements for all information systems that make use of cryptocurrencies, including exchanges, web applications, and cryptocurrency storage solutions. CryptoSec Certified CryptoCurrency Security Standard Auditors (CCSSA) perform CCSS audits.

Privacy and Data Protection

CryptoSec can help you with end-to-end approach to reduce data protection risk exposure and comply with relevant privacy and data protection regulations. Our services range from conducting PIA/DPIA assessments before implementation or release to implementing and operating data protection controls.

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