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Risk Management Services for the Decentralized World

Critical Security and Investigation Services When Trust is at a Premium

CryptoSec gives enterprise leaders concrete and sound security standards, guidance, and governance protocols, in response to the regulatory uncertainty and infrastructural inadequacies that exist in blockchain, crypto and DeFi today.

With CryptoSec’s cybersecurity, financial crime and regulatory compliance offerings, enterprise leaders can securely develop and benefit from decentralized solutions and access crypto assets – through DeFi, AltFi, DeFi arbitrage and DeFi Products (Staking, Yield Farming, Trading, Liquidity Pools), Smart Contracts, Web3 and the Metaverse. Enterprises can also leverage Non-Financial DLTs and Chains for logistics, administration, tokenization and governance, whilst positively satisfying their complex compliance, approval and regulatory requirements, with world-class cybersecurity and financial crime standards and protections.


How We Deliver?

Advisory Services

We work with our clients to assess and manage crypto risks and regulatory compliance including, through defining new target operating models, selecting and advising on the right technology solutions and transforming teams.

Project Delivery

If you have a critical project that requires particular experience and expertise and the right talent is not available internally, we will provide executives and implementation consultants who have been there and done that.


We can work closely with your own firm’s investigators or we can provide investigative assistance through well-respected and experienced financial crime and cybercrime investigators.

Interim Executives

We guide clients to solve critical business challenges with seasoned financial crimes, cybersecurity and regulatory compliance executives. When you have a critical, time-sensitive business challenge and lack the appropriate internal resources, our experienced interim managers can be your solution. All of our interim executives have over 15 years of relevant experience.

Crypto Incident Response
Our Services

Risk Management Solutions for the New Economy and Society

We perform critical security audits and deliver purpose-built security strategies, architecture and advice, so our enterprise clients can robustly mitigate their multi-layered risk profiles and maintain exemplary standards of trust & confidence with clients, stakeholders & regulators.

Our specialized service – Crypto Investigators – utilizes high-level blockchain forensics tools and the most advanced techniques available to conduct comprehensive crypto investigations, uncover cybercrimes, and recover stolen digital assets.

We work with enterprise decision-makers to achieve highest standards of compliance for integrating blockchain networks, DLT, cryptocurrencies, and related technologies with their existing legacy systems, practices and regulatory requirements.

CryptoSec’s interim executives have over 15 years of relevant experience and boasts industry-leading experience. Beyond managing projects for our clients, they often take on a virtual, fractional, or interim roles as members of our clients executive teams.


They take on roles as interim or fractional Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Crypto Compliance Officer, Chief Anti-Money Laundering Officer (CAMLO), Data Protection Officer (DPO).

Innovative & Bespoke Risk Transfer Advisory for Crypto & Blockchain Companies.


CryptoSec’s Crypto Asset Risk Transfer service offers innovative risk transfer advice tailored to the needs of companies operating with crypto assets. Our team is comprised of actuaries, former attorneys and claims specialists with deep knowledge of all forms of relevant financial and professional insurance coverage options.

In-house Training for Enterprise Teams, Researchers, Regulators & Auditors.


CryptoSec delivers public and in-house training for enterprise teams, researchers, regulators and auditors on all aspects of crypto security, crypto compliance, and crypto tracing and investigations, security challenges, best practices, tips & tricks and more, to get your team rapidly up to speed on the critical details of blockchain technologies and their derivatives for your enterprise.

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